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Aluminum & Siding

We can safely say that water and moisture is a home’s enemy and, specifically, this includes natural moisture from rain or snow that is in direct contact with a home’s exterior. Water protection is the basis of all of the designs for the materials that are used to securely shelter, preserve, and promote the home’s longevity. This is very true for the first and main point of moisture contact — a home’s roofing system, which includes the eavestroughing, soffit, and fascia. When properly configured, this system is designed to control the flow of water and efficiently direct it off the roof area and away from the base of the home.

Eavestrough Soffit Fascia Materials

Eavestroughing comes in a few different materials — from copper, aluminum, to galvanized steel. Fascia and soffits are made up of plywood and aluminum or vinyl and also add an extra layer of water protection to the underside area that is attached to the eavestroughs. In addition to protecting the home, the installation of fascia also adds to the home’s curb appeal as it creates a neat and tidy streamlined finished look.

When high quality materials are combined with expert installation, a home’s eavestroughing will add great value by protecting the home from the elements. At AM Group of Companies, we also recommend installing eavestrough filters, which prevents the system from clogging due to foliage or any other debris. We offer both replacement and upgrading services for your roof’s drainage system as well as general maintenance repairs as needed.

Siding Replacement and Repair

Another service we provide is the installation of siding and siding repair work. The three options of materials we use are vinyl, aluminum, and wood siding. The addition of siding can be a great solution to enhance the home’s insulation strength by providing the home with a sturdy extra layer of protection. It also offers a wonderful look and, depending on the material used, siding can be both extremely durable and in need of minimal maintenance. Let’s take a look at these different materials in a bit more detail.



Vinyl has dramatically gained in popularity over the last decade and for great reasons. It’s extremely durable, long lasting, and virtually maintenance-free. It’s also much less expensive than wood siding and slightly less expensive than its aluminum counterpart. It also comes in a myriad of colour and style options.



Aluminum is a great product solution, as it will not rust, it’s fire resistant, and will not dent or scratch. It’s also less expensive than wood siding. Also, it can easily be repainted. It does require some basic maintenance of checking every few years to ensure there’s no weather damage.


Wood Siding

Natural wood siding adds a warm, luxurious tone to any home. Though, it does come with a higher price tag. Wood also needs regular maintenance, such as staining and an annual power washing. The three best wood types that we recommend are: cedar, redwood, and cypress. These woods preform very well as they are better at withstanding moisture as well as repelling insects.


With the many siding options available today, we only choose high quality and proven brand names. These include: Royal Building Products ®, Gentek®, and Maibec® Wood Siding.


When you chose AM Group of Companies, you’re choosing a very skilled and experienced company and we’ll work closely with you to help you choose the products that best suit your home’s character and needs.

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